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Well, I’m here, we’re here, it’s today and for me it’s the beginning of a journey and for some of you you’ve been along for most, some or part of this with me and for that I am grateful. It’s been a challengingly vulnerable process raising funds, asking for help and promoting myself and my art. I couldn’t have done it without all of you; you’re words of encouragement, the ‘likes’, people showing up for me, everything! THANK YOU. I have packed my truck, eaten some breaky, I’m drinking some english breakfast tea, and I’m gonna see some friends before I hit the road out of LA toward Grand Rapids Michigan. 

Things are very surreal for me right now and there are a number of reasons the top two 1.) I am pursuing something that fulfills me artistically 2.) I have the love and support of my friends who believe in my artistic pursuit. What more could I ask for at this moment. I am here and I am present and it’s pretty amazing.  

First stop Vegas baby. Gonna stay the night and see a buddy and his family.