Anarchy Pieces with Kurt Sutter

eBay auctions are LIVE.

They’ll each run for 7 days. 


50% of proceeds go to an outstanding organization, @chrysalissocal

A little about Chrysalis:
Chrysalis serves people navigating barriers to the workforce by offering a job-readiness program, individualized supportive services, and paid transitional employment. We empower our clients on their pathway to stability, security, and fulfillment in their work and lives.

Since 1984, Chrysalis has served more than 77,000 individuals at its five centers and locations throughout Southern California. In 2022, nearly 3,000 Chrysalis clients secured employment while participating in Chrysalis’ program and/or worked a transitional job with the organization’s social enterprise. 


Happy bidding…


The NEXT four pieces:


#5 Red & Deep Purple (8"x10")


#6: Deep Purple on Red (11"x14")


#7: Red on Deep Purple (11"x14")



#8: Deep Purple on Red (16"x20")







#1: Red & White (8”x10”)




#2: Deep Purple & White (8”x10”)



#3: Deep Purple & Red (11”x14”)



#4: Pink & Deep Purple (11”x14”)