ArtPrize 2014



Hi everyone, I'm Jeff Newman. This is my IndieGoGo fundraising campaign for ArtPrize.


ArtPrize is an international art competition that takes place in Grand Rapids Michigan. It lasts 19 days, starting at the end of September and runs through the second week of October.


Grand Rapids invites artists from all over the world to do pop up galleries in venues throughout the city. Places from coffee houses, colleges, banks, museums, condos, office buildings you name it.


My art will be hosted in 99 Monroe an office building located in the center of downtown Grand Rapids. They've given me a wall 35" long x 11" high, which is really exciting and offers me the opportunity to show a lot of my work.


That's where you come in. I am raising money to bring my art from Los Angeles to Grand Rapids, so I'll be packing my truck with my art and I'll be driving across the country. My goal is to raise $5000. The money you donate will go towards gas, maintenance for my truck, food, lodging, and insurance for the venue.


ArtPrize is a competition with has two competition tracks. There are jury prizes, which are voted on y the ArtPrize jury and there are audience prizes.

The audience prize will be interactive:



During ArtPrize, there will be three ways to vote for ME: 

1. Text message


3. ArtPrize iPhone and Android apps

For each platform, your unique five digit Vote Code is the fastest way to cast a vote.

ME unique Vote Code is:



I was born on the east coast outside of Philadelphia and raised west of the city in Upper Darby and I have lived in Los Angeles for over 16yrs.


I have always had a desire to create something and my earliest memory of consciously ‘creating’ something was in middle school. This was in the early 80's, I was a fledging skateboarder trying to find my place in the world and I bought a pair of white Chuck Taylor's and I splattered paint on them influenced by Jackson Pollack. I don't know how he got on my radar but I connected with the chaos and anger.

I have been always created whether it was drawing or writing, then acting, then designing. I know when I first bought acrylic paints and a canvas I was intimidated. Afraid because I wasn't sure where to start, how to start, what if I wasn't good, you name it...and the paints and canvas were set up in my kitchen for a good two months and I would just pass then on the way to my fridge or sink.


As it's with so many other things in my life it wasn't until I was willing to fail and not look good and let go of my perceptions and/or the results; I was able to just step forward. When I have been able to let go and just take some action everything for me shifts for me. I started painting and I loved it; a few friends told me I was on to something...more importantly something within me was being nurtured, a voice was given an ear and I haven't wanted to stop.


It doesn't mean that when I stare at a blank canvas I don't still get scared or intimidated because I do. I'm afraid I'm a fraud and my artistic well has dried up but I move forward regardless of my trepidation, regardless of what my ‘head’ tells me.


ArtzPrize is a fantastic opportunity for me as an artist to be exposed to a wealth of artists from all over the world and for me to share my art with people who I wouldn't normal interact with and get there feedback. I look forward to this experience and I am relying on you to help me get there.


It's awkward asking for help but it's essential throughout our lives to do so. In return for your donations I will be sending you different things depending on donation amounts, such as: stickers, t-shirts, different size pieces of art, commissioned pieces, prints, an opportunity to hang with me while I work in the studio. When you realize it or not you all have been my inspiration and motivation, our talks and our interactions, you movies, your music that's where I draw my inspiration. I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for you all and for that I am truly grateful. So whatever you can manage to donate is appreciated - no amount it to small or to large. I just want you to all know I am eternally grateful and very excited for this next phase of my development and happy you can be apart of it with me.


If you are able donate or not it would be fantastic if you could SHARE my page with friends and family and supports of the arts because any help would be very appreciated.


Once again I want to thank you, much love, and peace out.