Jeffrey R. Newman (a.k.a. NuISMS) is an East Coast born self educated visual artist, painter, writer, actor, producer - creator; currently working with acrylics on canvas, in a wide range of sizes, in tandem exploring NFT Art while rehearsing and producing a one person show/art show he recently completed. He draws his inspiration from his limited exposure to visual art and broad interest in music and popular culture growing up in the 70’s & 80’s. Being drawn to the works of Jackson Pollack as a youth, Jeffrey throw/splattered paint on his white or black Converse sneakers. He found relief from teen angst in drawing, sketching and writing but that seemed to fade as he pursued other artistic outlets. In early 2000 Jeffrey began finding his way back to the tactical nature through stitching and designing art on and reworking clothing. This was the beginning of NuISMS.  Influenced by the consciousness/spirituality movement and unity ideas he felt there was a calling for something different or something unique but everything ‘we’ as a society, culture, and/or the world knows is reflected and transposed through our collective and individual ‘histories.’ An ‘ism’ is a practice, a system, a philosophy or ideology and Jeffrey believes we have an opportunity to redefine everything we know and have known hence ‘NuISMS.’ It was through much fear and vulnerability that in 2012 Jeffrey committed to work on canvas. Greatly moved by the work of Gerhard Richter, Jeffrey began to play with movement and texture of the mediums he was engaging with. At times Jeffrey will begin with an idea but more often then not he works organically and spontaneously just starting by throwing paint onto the canvas and within that process each piece, each image takes a unique direction in which Jeffrey pursues; ultimately landing on a completed piece of art but the road to the finish is fraught with many beautiful disasters, some misgivings but to keep going, stay in action and staying out of the results he persists giving way to some of those ‘disasters’ become exactly what was meant to be the finished piece.