Jeffrey Ross Newman is a man that opens our hearts with color on his endless quest to truth.


Newman’s art is demonstrated through his expressive clothing line, stream of consciousness writings, bold acting and profound art.  Even at the age of 12 he was wooing us with his Pollack inspired paintings upon his Chuck Taylor converse.  This began his trademark of strategically placed vibrant flow of color.  This man has had epic moments in his life from excessive recreational drug and alcohol use to a 7 month solo hiking trip through South America.  But these moments do not define him. 


What defines Newman and what he inspires in all of us is his extraordinary, unrelenting combination of willpower and surrender.  This becomes clear upon meeting and conversing with this profound man whether in person or through his art.  Examples of Newman's willpower and surrender are his 16 years of sobriety and his never ending search for enlightenment.


Newman awakened through leaving behind his alcohol and recreational drug use.  Thereby began his journey to complete unsurpassed enlightenment.  Though the painting side of Newman was to be tucked away, the writer and actor in him began to flourish.  Newman would write short stories/films and developed his acting career.  Writing is a great part of his soul’s expression.  This is evident in his art work and clothing line today with his words of empowerment.


In 2004 after one of his short films failed to meet his expectations, he went on a solo hiking expedition in search of answers through Central and South America. During his travels he resumed writing stream of consciousness documenting his journey.  Most importantly he began to open his heart and reach an appreciation for what he had in his life.  Throughout these travels as he was tight on money so he would mend his own clothes to stretch his funds.  Upon his return and adapting back into Western culture, the idea of NuISMS began to blossom-- the combination of comfort and eccentric statements.  NuISMS: Nu-Newman I. S.titch S.hirts. 


Today Newman’s breath-taking soul-moving art pieces are his shirts gone liquid color with a beating heart.  Newman has been painting non-stop for over a year.  This is truly one of his callings.  He practices yoga, meditates and boxes in his fun time while not immersed in colors.  When he sees a blank canvas, he is mixed with intimidation and excitement. 


Painting is now one of his forms of meditation. We who are honored to see some of the universe’s answers to her limitless questions within his art, his color and his words.  Jeffrey Ross Newman awakens us all.  


- Guillermina Dee Galvan

a.k.a Rainbow